Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some Things That Piss Me Off

I've had a migraine all day today, and I'm more irritable than usual, so I thought it's a perfect time to vent. Here are a few of my least favorite things:

Advertising signs at the Grove Street PATH Plaza

It started with one small sign put out by an over-aggressive real estate agent, then a few other agents put out signs and balloons, and now Milano Furniture Store hired two people to carry signs and they just lean them against the street signs and relax on a handy bench. How about NO ADVERTISING in the PATH Plaza? Isn't that the law?

And speaking of the law -- is the Port Authority above the law? The Grove PATH station doesn't have handicapped access, so why is there no handicapped access in the additional new station entrance they built? That's just WRONG.

Entrance to the new Grove Street PATH Station

Jersey City, at least Downtown Jersey City, is a very walkable place. The Website Walk Score rated it a " walkers' Paradise." I don't even own a car, and I can get along just fine. Nevertheless there are a few things that would be more appropriate to suburban living. I mean, what's with the entrance to Shoprite? Do they really think everyone drives there? Why do they devote 4 lanes for cars and only a quarter of a sidewalk for pedestrians?

And while I'm on Shoprite, why is there no safe walkway through the parking lot to the other stores? Why not have at least some of the parking islands made into walkways? 

Then there's the Cali building. I know I've ranted about that building before, but it's such an affront to urban livability it deserves another rant. The nerve of them putting that bunker in the midst of what should be, because of its proximity to the PATH train, the most lively neighborhood Downtown! And to top it off they have the gall to place parabolic barriers around the entrance. As if any self-respecting terrorist would risk ridicule blowing up that abomination. 
Well I feel better getting this off my chest -- too bad you have a headache now!  


thomas said...

Those advertising signs are weird. They're kind of "pet" scale.

Charles Kessler said...

Yuh, real estate agents wouldn't want to attract anyone looking up.