Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Free Art: Give one, Take One

Feature is one of the best galleries and, as you can tell from the letter below, it's run by some of the nicest people. I love their generosity of spirit and feeling for community.

on saturday may 1, 2010
in celebration to may day,
feature will present a free for all:
power to the people.

artists are being asked to donate a work,
something from the studio, something interesting
to share with others, a gift to the unknown,
unconditional love.

donate something to be taken away.
no records will be kept, no check list,
no names will be displayed
other than on the announcement.

not more than 36" in any direction.
sculpture must be under 20 lbs so
easily carried by anyone.

deliver or send to feature to arrive
between april 18 and april 30.

the event will open mid afternoon and close at 8.
exact times and presentation format  to follow.
flat paper work will be displayed in clear plastic
bags pinned to wall, for ez get-a-way.

at a time when everything costs,
this is free.

sincerely, hudson
feature inc.
131 allen st
ny ny 10002

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