Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lower East Side Galleries - East of Chrystie

From the Lehman Maupin Gallery (see Galleries West of Chrystie) go right on Stanton and left on Forsyth or begin on Forsyth just south of E. Houston:

A. Half Gallery, 208 Forsyth St

Continue south on Forsyth one block and turn left on Stanton to
53 Stanton St:
B. Luxe Gallery,
Scaramouche Gallery c/o Fruit & Flower Deli,
Smith-Stewart Gallery,

C. Fusion Arts
, 57 Stanton St

Continue on Stanton to the end of the block, turn right on Eldridge and right again on Rivington:

D. Kumukumu Gallery, 42 Rivington St

Reverse direction and take your first right on Eldridge to:

E. Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, 163 Eldridge St (
down a few steps)

Go back on Eldridge to Rivington, turn right, cross Allen Street and take the next right on
F. On Stella Rays Gallery, 133 Orchard St

Reverse direction and go back to Rivington and go right on Rivington to:
G. Museum 52, 95 Rivington St (They may be closed)

Continue on Rivington and turn right on Essex, it’s a short distance in

H. Cuchifritos Gallery, 128 Essex St (in Essex Market)

Go back to Rivington and continue walking to:

I. Gallery 128 and Sloan Gallery, 128 Rivington St

Continue east on Rivington St about a block and a half

J. ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington St

Reverse direction on Rivington St and turn right at Suffolk St; turn right again in one block to Stanton St

K. NY Studio Gallery, 154 Stanton St

A little further east on Stanton St

L. Gallery Satori, 164 Stanton St

Continue a little bit on Stanton St; turn left at Clinton St

M. Collette Blanchard, 26 Clinton St

Continue on Clinton St

N. Greene Contemporary, 9 Clinton St (Up a few outside stairs)

Continue north on Clinton St; turn left at E Houston St

O. Participant Gallery, 253 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

It's easy to continue from here to the galleries above Houston.

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