Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lower East Side Galleries - Below Delancey Street

A. From the E. Broadway stop on the F Train at Canal St & Essex St, Head north on Essex St to:

B. Heist Gallery, 27 Essex St

Continue north on Essex St:
C. Number 35 Gallery, 39 Essex St

Continue north on Essex St:
D. e-flux, 41 Essex St (Next exhibition opens April 8th).

My friends wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t include two great food places.
Continue on Essex to the end of the block to Grand Street and go right to:
Kossar’s, 367 Grand Street for great bialys
Donut Plant, 379 Grand Street for the best donuts you’ll ever eat.

Reverse direction on Essex St cross Canal St. and continue left on Canal to E Broadway:
E. La Viola Bank Gallery, 179 E Broadway

Continue on E. Broadway to:
F. Ernest Rubenstein Gallery at The Educational Alliance, 197 E. Broadway (You will need to sign in and show ID)

Go back west on E Broadway to Rutgers (Essex Street) and turn left. It's about 1/2 block in on Rutgers, the gallery is not marked -- look for a red awning. Ring the second floor bell. The door to the gallery on the second floor is also unmarked.
F. Reena Spaulings (Don’t be confused by the official 165 E. Broadway address)

Continue on Rutgers St a few feet, turn right at Henry St:
G. Dispatch Gallery, 127 Henry St

Go back to Rutgers (Essex) and turn left, walk a couple of blocks, cross Canal and turn left on Canal, walk two blocks and turn right on Orchard St:
H. Invisible-Exports Gallery, 14 Orchard St

Continue north on Orchard St:
I. Lisa Cooley Gallery, 34 Orchard St

Continue north on Orchard St:
J. Miguel Abreu Gallery, 36 Orchard St

Continue north on the other side of Orchard St:
K. Michali Fine Art, 45 Orchard St

L. Rachel Uffner Gallery, 47 Orchard St

Continue a couple of blocks on the other Orchard St:
M. Bridge Gallery, 98 Orchard St

Reverse direction on Orchard St., cross Broome and it's just to the right:
N. Small A Projects, 261 Broome St

Continue on Broome St past Allen St; turn right at Eldridge St:
O. Woodward Gallery, 133 Eldridge St

A little further on Eldridge:
P. LMAK Projects, 139 Eldridge St (opens April 4th)

Go back to Broome on Eldridge:
Q. Simon Preston Gallery, 301 Broome St

Continue west on Broome St, cross Roosevelt Park and turn right on Christie St:
R. envoy enterprises, 131 Chrystie St

Reverse direction on Chrystie St and turn right at Broome St:
S. White Box Gallery and Anonymous Gallery, 329 Broome St

Continue on Broome St past Bowery, turn left at Elizabeth St:
T. Christopher Henry Gallery, 127 Elizabeth St

Somewhat out of the way but definitely worth it:
continue south on Elizabeth, turn left at Grand St and turn right at Chrystie St. Walk one and a half blocks south on Chrystie. The building looks like an office building or residence, and you need to walk down a long corridor to the back.
U. Canada Gallery, 55 Chrystie St

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