Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lower East Side Galleries - Above Houston

It's difficult to justify putting these galleries in the Lower East Side, but since there's no where else to put them, and they're pretty good galleries, they've been included here.

Beginning on 1st Street just east of 2nd ave.

A. Audio Visual Arts (AVA), 34 E 1st St,, (917) 604-8856

Continue west on First Street, cross Bowery, go right and a quick left to Bleecker Street, walk two blocks to:

B. Zurcher Studio, 33 Bleecker St,

Continue walking west on Bleecker one more block and turn right on Lafayette and turn right again on Bond Street to:

C. Bond Gallery, 33 Bond St, (212) 228-0901

Go back to Lafayette and continue up one block to Great Jones Street, turn right to:

D. Aicon Gallery, 35 Great Jones St,


Anonymous said...

One quick edit... did you mean ...turn RIGHT to: D. Aicon Gallery, 35 Great Jones St. ?
Thanks for putting this together - I can't wait to give it a walkabout!

Charles Kessler said...

Right, right. Dyslexia: I write left but think right.

Charles Kessler said...

It's been righted. Thank you.