Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ten Most Overrated Los Angeles Art World Stars


Mat Gleason, one of the main contributors to the Coagula Art Journal, just wrote a very funny piece for the Huffington Post's new art section. And this post, like most things in Coagula, is shocking, snarky, appalling, and a lot of fun -- and right on. 
I agree with almost everything Mat Gleason says, with these provisos:

  • To be "the most overrated" is I guess a balance between how popular and how bad an artist you are; so Ed Rucha, for example, might be a much better artist than, say, Catherine Opie, but he's so much more popular than she is that his fame, relative to the quality of his work, makes him more overrated. 
  • I like Ruscha's early books like Twentysix Gasoline Stations, 1962 and Every Building on the Sunset Strip, 1966, but I agree that his paintings are boring, and the work he showed in 2005 at the Whitney was boring and pretentious.
  • I haven't seen enough of Lauren Bon, Christopher Williams or Frank Romero to judge. At least I don't recall seeing their work -- which I guess says something. 
  • I'd rate Paul McCarthy a much more overrated artist, perhaps second only to Baldessari.  
  • And finally, I liked Jorge Pardo's show in June at Friedrich Petzel.   

So with these provisos, here it is: Ten Most Overrated Los Angeles Art World Stars

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