Thursday, August 12, 2010


George Maciunian, New Flux Year, MoMA
The MoMA staff have been blogging about the experience of unpacking the recently acquired Silverman Fluxus collection. Here's an excerpt from a recent post:
AUGUST 9, 2010 
Unpacking Fluxus: The Joke’s On Us
Posted by Lily Goldberg, 12-Month Fluxus Intern, Department of Prints and Illustrated Books
...Upon opening an orange faux-reptile-skin box marked only with the typed words “top” and “pull,” we received quite a surprise: out jumped a coiled toy snake and a shower of confetti printed with the words “New Flux Year.” Rattled, we soon found that the joke was on us, as we were left returning every last scrap of paper, along with the spring-loaded snake, back into the box before shutting it carefully.

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