Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Hudson Current is dead

The bells have tolled for the Current. In more disappointing news on the local print media front, I heard today that the Hudson Reporter newsgroup will no longer be publishing the arts/ entertainment weekly. According to the editor, the Hudson Reporter will instead become a bi-weekly publication with some cultural listings. It's nice to see that the Reporter will be coming out more frequently, but...Jersey City has just lost its only dedicated arts publication.

UPDATE: Sean Allocca (former Current writer/editor) will no longer be on staff, but may be contributing freelance to the new bi-weekly Reporter. All future cultural or arts submissions should go straight to the chain's editor:

As my personal rants about the lack of arts coverage in the press seem to be falling on deaf ears, I'm taking this one step further. From now on, I am declaring myself Jersey City art media guru. Call it what you will, but I'll be posting the reviews (go ahead and demonize me) and features I've been longing to see right here.


Charles Kessler said...

I don't know about demonizing a guru, especially one with the energy to blog at 1:17 AM like you did with this post. More likely you'll be lionized.

Irene Borngraeber said...

Ha! Most self-proclaimed guru's I've knowm have been pretty crazy- but I hope you're right.