Friday, February 27, 2009

Imagine Atrium Closing Sale Postponed

This came in from Anne Barry:

Imagination Atrium is one of my favorite spots in Jersey City, and I'm surprised so many of my friends have never even heard of it. It's on Jersey Ave between Christopher Columbus Drive and Newark. I've been to several events there, and I order books there locally, right in Downtown JC, rather than trekking by train to a Barnes & Noble.. I know, I know, you pay "regular price" at Imagine Atrium, with no crazy Amazon discount. The slight added cost keeps an independent bookstore in Jersey City, and besides, you save on postage. I've ordered books and gotten them FAST, much faster than Amazon, and gift wrapping is free. Garrad, the man who owns and runs the store, is a treasure. He's been trying everything he can think of to keep serving this community. It's a little place, with a good stock of children's books, an eclectic and often oddball stock of grown-up books, and various tchochkes, puzzles, gifts, etc.

He's got a big screen for showing movies and TV shows in the evening. When Oprah had a multipart series on and with Eckhart Tolle, you could download it to your own lonely computer, or you could go to Imagine Atrium each week and see it with a bunch of like-minded people on a big screen, and afterwards discuss what you saw. Another week recently, people could pick of a free copy of Fahrenheit 451 at the bookstore or at the Free Public Library in JC, and later in the week watch the film of the book at Imagine. Lots of cool stuff there, good talk, and a fine place to meet your neighbors.

Everyone's broke, it's tough times, so we need to support this local and comforting shop. Go out and treat yourself to a book, or give someone a book, and help keep Imagine Atrium open.

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