Monday, February 2, 2009

A Guide to Lower East Side Galleries

Galleries, even in this economy, are spawning like mushrooms -- and they’re closing even faster. Keep your eyes open for new ones, or ones I missed. Please write in with any additions (or subtractions).

Following a map is nearly impossible (the best one I found can be downloaded from: so I came up with this route to follow:

Begin at Houston & Bowery, one block north of the The New Museum:
276 Bowery: Feature
270 Bowery, second floor: BLT

The New Museum, 235 Bowery at Prince

Just south of New Museum:
195 Bowery: DCKT & Janos Gat

Continue south on Bowery to end of the block, left on Rivington
5 Rivington - Thierry Goldberg
(Side trip to 1 Freeman Alley - Salon 94)
11 Rivington - Eleven Rivington

Right on Christie
134 Christie: Envoy Gallery
(Side trip: 301 Broome: Preston & 133 Eldridge: Woodward)

Turn opposite direction on Christie
195 Christie: Bottom Feeder
201 Christie: Lehman Maupin

East one block on Stanton to Forsyth, left on Forsyth
208 Forsyth: Half Gallery
210 Forsyth: Myplasticheart

Continue Forsyth to Houston, Right to Eldridge, right on Eldridge
237 Eldridge: Sunday

Continue on Eldridge to Stanton
57 Stanton: Fusion
53 Stanton: Fruit & Flower, Luxe & Smith-Stewart

Back to Eldridge
163 Eldridge: Nichole Beauchene

Back a block to Rivington, right
95 Rivington: Museum 52
143 Ludlow (left of Rivington): 31 Grand
Essex Market (right of Rivington) Cuchifristos & Gallery Bar
128 Rivington: Sloan & Onetwentyeight

To continue: go west 4-5 blocks to Orchard and south one block to Delancy

Starting at Delancy and Orchard
133 Orchard: On Stella Ray
98 Orchard: Bridge
92 Orchard: Mark Miller
(Side trip: 85 Ludlow: Inborn)

Walk two blocks on Orchard to Grand, left on Grand to Essex, right
39 Essex: Number 35
27 1/2 Essex: Heist
165 E Broadway (& Essex - red awning, second floor): Reena Spaulings

From Essex and Canal go west (a left if you found Reena Spaulings) to Orchard Street
14 A Orchard: Invisible-Exports (between. Hester and Canal Street)
34 Orchard - Lisa Cooley
36 Orchard - Miguel Abreu

Back to Canal, right two blocks to Christie, right on Christie
55 Christie: Canada

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