Saturday, September 18, 2010

More on the Jersey City Museum

Liberace Museum Addition and Renovation, Leo Daly Architects
The Jersey City Independent has an excellent detailed report here, and the Jersey Journal's report, here, has a rare interview with a Museum trustee.

What happened to the Jersey City Museum is typical for non-profits in general. It's a lot easier to raise money for showy, more permanent things like new buildings than it is for on-going, relatively transient things like actual operations. Here's yet another example in today's Times:

Liberace Museum Is Closing Its Doors - "The museum’s founding endowment has shrunk from $10 million five years ago to $1 million, a result of money-losing investments and a decision to take out an expensive mortgage to finance a renovation of the building that in hindsight, Mr. Koep said, does not seem like a wise decision."

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