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PLEASE NOTE: This Post is very old and no longer accurate. I’m leaving it for whatever historic interest there might be. 

Williamsburg, like the Lower East Side, and unlike Chelsea, is an interesting place to walk around just for its own sake. There are some seedy or dilapidated areas, but it’s relatively safe. Also, like the Lower East Side, the gallery dealers are friendly and like to talk about the work.

Most galleries are open Wednesday - Saturday, 12 - 6, and many are also open Sundays -- but it’s a good idea to call ahead if you’re going for a particular show. Galleries often install new shows on Thursdays, especially the first Thursday of the month. Links to the gallery websites are provided here, and WAGMAG is a great source of current listings for not only Williamsburg but
for the rest of Brooklyn; and they also have good

I did my best to be accurate, but please post comments about changes you think might be necessary. I'll try to update this guide on a regular basis.


From the Bedford Ave. stop on the L train, exit Driggs Ave. (toward the front of the train if you’re coming from Manhattan) and exit to the right. You’ll come up at Driggs Av. and N. 7th Street. Walk straight ahead on N. 7th St. 1 block to Roebling Street and turn right. Walk 2 1/2 blocks on Roebling to:

A. McCaig-Welles Gallery 129 Roebling St

Continue on Roebling, cross Metropolitan Ave., on the left side of Roebling to:

B. The Front Room, 147 Roebling St, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (up a few stairs)

Continue on Roebling St 1/2 block, Turn left at Hope St for 1 block and right at Havemeyer St, it’ll be right there on the left:

C. Cinders Gallery, 103 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Go back to Hope Street and continue down the block. At the corner of Marcy Ave. on Hope Street is:

D. C.C.C.P. Gallery; and around the corner, to the left is:

Dam, Stuhltrager, 38 Marcy Ave.
The next gallery is a little out of the way, but it’s a good gallery in an interesting neighborhood. Continue on Marcy to Metropolitan and turn right, walk under the BQE and take your first right on Union, the gallery will be on the left.
E. Klaus von Nichtssagend, 438 Union Ave.
Go back to the Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery by reversing direction on Union Ave and turning left on Metropolitan and left again at Marcy. Continue on Marcy past the gallery to Grand Street and turn right. On the left side will be:
F. The Hogar Collection, 362 Grand St

Continuing on Grand St about half a block after Havemeyer St on the right is:

G. Ch’i Contemporary Fine Art, 293 Grand St

Continue on Grand St to Roebling St, go left for about 2 1/2 blocks, on the right is:

H. Like the Spice Gallery, 224 Roebling St

Reverse direction on Roebling St to go back on Grand, turn left on Grand about half a block on the left is:

I. HQ, 236 Grand St (ring the bell)

Continue on Grand St past Driggs Ave on the right is:

J. Parkers Box, 193 Grand St

Continue on Grand St to the first right on Bedford Ave and turn right again on N 1st St. Just on the right is:

K. Journal Gallery, 168 N 1st St

Go back to Bedford but in the opposite direction (south) a few blocks on the left is:

L. Sideshow, 319 Bedford Ave

A couple of blocks further south on Bedford, on the left is:

M. Momenta Art, 359 Bedford Ave

Continuing on Bedford under the Williamsburg Bridge to Broadway, turn right to:

N. Capricious Space, 103 Broadway

Continue on Broadway to first right, Berry Street, walk about 7 blocks back to Grand Street and turn left on Grand, on the right, to:

O. Art 101, 101 Grand St

Continue on Grand to the first right, Wythe Ave. Walk 3 blocks on Wythe to N 3rd and go right to:

P. Stripeman Gallery, 97 N 3rd St

Return to Wythe, go right and walk to N. 6th and turn left. On the left is:

Q. SouthFirst, 60 N 6th St (Take a long hallway to the back)
LMAK projects, at the same address, occasionally has special exhibitions
N. 6th is an interesting street; you may want to walk up to Bedford and back.
Return to and continue north on Wythe a few blocks on the left to:

R. Slate Gallery, 136 Wythe Ave

Continue 5 more blocks on Wythe and turn right on 14th. (It’s out of the way but well worth it). On the left is:

S. Boiler - Pierogi, 191 N 14th St

Continue on N 14th St, go right on Berry St and left on N. 12th, along McCarren Park and turn right on Driggs for a couple of blocks. On the left will be:

T. Black & White Gallery, 483 Driggs Ave


U. Jack the Pelican Presents, 487 Driggs Ave

Continue on Driggs to the first right, N. 9th St. On the right is:

V. Pierogi 2000, 177 N 9th St

From here it’s close to the Bedford Ave. entrance to the L train. Continue walking on N. 9th to Bedford and turn left 2 blocks. It’ll be on N. 7th and Bedford.


Manuel Macarrulla said...

I commend you for the terrific amount of work you're doing in compiling these walking tours. One day I'm going to have to take a print out of this around to all those places.

Lorraine said...

I will be staying in Williamsburg this coming October, and am so glad you have posted this! :-)

Charles Kessler said...

This guide is very out of date -- don't rely on it. The Bushwick guide is better.

Anonymous said...

When was this posted anyway ?

I went there today, April 24, 2018 ...

The first 4 galleries no longer exist, out of ABSLUTE frustration, I gave up entirely and left Williamsburg .... !

Please remove your post so others are not as annoyed as I am today...

Very displeased ...