Friday, April 3, 2009


Picasso, Harlequin, 1915, MoMA


Manuel Macarrulla said...

You're so right to focus on this; that is a really interesting moment in the picture. Of course, there's a million possibilities as to the visual interpretation of this painting's subject matter. Or, at least 324. I see a harlequin holding a canvas to the viewer. Something in me wants to say, "C'mon, Charles. Don't take that painting within a painting literally. Tut, tut. Picasso didn't actually imagine such a painting; he was just saying, "An unfinished wash of paint within a rectangle; the idea of painting in general." To me that wash resembles one of Gorky's unfinished looking washes of paint. We know this is anachronistic. Anyway, I think that's good attention on your part.

Manuel Macarrulla said...

Oh, yes, I forgot. Would you please go to my blog and comment on my April 1 posting on Bonnard?