Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Updated Map and Guide of Bushwick Galleries

A downloadable PDF of this map and guide can be found on the right sidebar under 
"Gallery and Museum Guides."

By Charles Kessler

The only gallery that closed since my last update is Famous Accountants, and that is a big loss. At least nine new galleries opened, however, and I discovered many others -- thirty all together!  The galleries are listed in an order that I suggest would make an efficient route for a gallery tour. They are spread out over a large area; what is being called “Bushwick” actually includes parts of eastern Williamsburg and Ridgewood, Queens. If you have the energy, it’s possible to do it all in one afternoon (it's about 4 1/2 miles), but you can easily split the tour into eastern and western sections if you prefer. For the eastern section, you can end with Factory Fresh and walk back to the Morgan Avenue L stop. For the western section, you can start from the Dekalb Avenue L subway station and tour in reverse order. You can return via the Jefferson Street L (at Wyckoff and Troutman).

Some galleries are open Friday - Monday, 1 - 6 pm, and most are open at least Sundays. Some galleries, however, are only open by appointment, and I noted those in the listings. It's a good idea to check gallery websites (their names below are linked to their websites), email them, or call the galleries in advance to confirm. It’s also a good idea to take the gallery phone numbers with you because in some cases you may need be let in.

I took the opportunity to list some bars and a variety of restaurants along the route. These are not on the map but are placed in the listings under the galleries they are closest to.

To start the tour, take the L train to Morgan Avenue and go out the Bogart Street exit (toward the back of the train if you’re coming from the west). 56 Bogart is across the street from where you exit.

56 Bogart Street galleries:
Agape Enterprise - (718) 417-0037
Bogart Salon - (203) 249-8843
C.C.C.P. - (917) 974-9664
Interstate Projects  - no phone listed
Momenta Art - (718) 218-8058   email via their website
NURTUREart - (718) 782-7755
Slag Contemporary - (917) 977-1848
Studio 10 - (718) 852-4396
THEODORE:Art - (212) 966-4324
Roberta's Restaurant,  261 Moore Street (near Bogart Street), (718) 417-1118
MoMo Sushi Shack, 43 Bogart Street (near Moore Street), (718) 418-6666
Luhring Augustine - 25 Knickerbocker Avenue (at Ingraham),  (212) 206-9100

Kesting/Ray - 257 Boerum Street (east of Bushwick Avenue), (212) 334-0204   email via their website     The gallery will probably open in mid-March.

Centotto - 250 Moore Street  #108 (west of Bogart), 908-338-3590
Open by appointment. Call to be let in.

English Kills - 114 Forrest Street -- use door to the garden on the right, (917) 375-6266

Grace Exhibition Space 
(Performance art) - 840 Broadway, 2nd Floor, (646) 578-3402
Open by appointment and when they have performances.

Airplane - 70 Jefferson Street - basement, (646) 345-9394
Central Avenue is a more pleasant street to take to this gallery than the safe but bleak Evergreen Avenue.

Microscope  - 4 Charles Place (and Myrtle Avenue), (347) 925-1433

The Parlour - 791 Bushwick Avenue (at Dekalb Avenue), (718) 360-3218
Tandem, 236 Troutman Street (between Wilson and Knickerbocker),  (718) 386-2369
StorefrontBushwick - 16 Wilson Avenue (south of Flushing Avenue)
    (917) 714-3813
Narrows Bar, 1037 Flushing Avenue (near Morgan), (281) 827-1800
Factory Fresh - 1053 Flushing Avenue, (917) 682-6753

Secret Project Robot
- 389 Melrose Street (between Knickerbocker and Irving), no phone listed.
Cafe Ghia Restaurant, 24 Irving Avenue (at Jefferson Street), (718) 821-8806.
Arepera Guacuco (Venezuelan restaurant), 44 Irving Avenue (at Troutman Street)
(347) 305-3300 - no website
The Bodega (Bar/Restaurant), 24 Saint Nicholas Avenue (corner of Troutman Street)
CLEARING - 505 Johnson Avenue # 10,  (347) 383-2256

The Active  space - 566 Johnson Ave (three short blocks north of Flushing Avenue -- buzz #5 to be let in), no phone listed.   ashley**at**

SUGAR - 449 Troutman Street (between Street Nicholas and Cypress Avenues),  (718) 417-1180
email via their website   Open by appointment.

Regina Rex  - 1717 Troutman Street — ring bell #329, (646) 467-2232
(The numbers change when you cross the Queens border -- it's not as far as the address would imply.)
Northeast Kingdom (Restaurant/Bar), 18 Wyckoff Avenue (at Troutman), (718) 386-3864
Norte Maar - 83 Wyckoff Avenue, (646) 361-8512    email via their website   Open by appointment.

Valentine -  464 Seneca Avenue, (718) 381-2962

Botanic - 150 Wyckoff Avenue, no phone listed.

Sardine  - 286 Stanhope Street (between Irving and Wyckoff), no phone or email listed. A small gallery/boutique.

950 Hart - 950 Hart Street (and Wyckoff), (347) 693-6231

Small Black Door - 19-20 Palmetto Street (off of Fairview Avenue), no phone listed    email via their website.   Open by Appointment. They are a few blocks beyond the eastern boundary of the map.


Jeffrey Collins said...

Thanks Charles. It's sites and posts like yours which keep people like me up on the amounts and whereabouts of all the galleries in ny on a regularly updated basis.


Charles Kessler said...

If your blog is any indication you get around quite a bit. Glad to help. Keep up the good blogging.

Kyle Gallup said...

Charles, this is great. Thanks so much for this updated list. Your posts on Bushwick have been very helpful to me.

SUGAR (Gwendolyn Skaggs) said...

Thank you for this. Very much appreciated.

Charles Kessler said...

I listened to you, SUGAR. Glad you like it.

Elizabeth Riley said...

Nice to meet you recently Charles. Thanks for this map and info--it will be very useful for jaunts around Bushwick!

james said...

and gallery #30 is Active Space!

Charles Kessler said...

Thanks, James, I forgot them. I'll add it as soon as I get back from California on Monday or sooner if I can.

Charles Kessler said...

Pleased to meet you too, Elizabeth. I really loved your work at StorefrontBushwick.

Elizabeth Riley said...

Thanks Charles! Hope you get to see some great art in CA.

Jeffrey Collins said...

Thanks Charles. I'll be getting around quite a bit more in the near future. Got another trip to NY soon for more filming. Can't wait to share with everyone the fruits of my labor.

Keep up the fantastic work with your blog here. You keep me up to date on new places to check out.