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This is more than a map of the galleries -- it is a route to follow that will make your gallery-going more efficient. For technical reasons it was necessary to break up the area into four separate quadrants: West of Roosevelt Park, Orchard Street, Above Grand and East of Orchard Street. By combining maps it's possible to create different routes for yourself. A PDF of the maps and gallery details is available for download and can be found on the right sidebar.

Most galleries are open Wednesday - Saturday, 12 - 6, and many are also open Sundays; but if you're schlepping down to see a particular show it's a good idea to call first to confirm. Thursdays, especially the first Thursday of the month, are when many galleries close for the installation of new exhibitions.

Galleries are still popping up like mushrooms (and closing almost as fast). I've tried my best to be inclusive, accurate and current, but I'm sure I've made plenty of mistakes. Please post comments about changes you think necessary, or email them to me at, and I'll try to update this guide on a regular basis.


Canada (R) - 55 Chrystie St, 212-925-4631
NOTE: The gallery is out of the way, and you need to walk down a long corridor to the back of what seems like an office building or residence, but it’s well worth the effort.

Charles Bank Gallery (L) - 196 Bowery, 212-219-4095

Christopher Henry Gallery (O)  - 127 Elizabeth St, 212-244-6004

DCKT Contemporary (K)  - 195 Bowery
NOTE: On January 1st they will be moving to 237 Eldridge Street, south storefront
(between Stanton & Houston)

DODGEgallery (F)  - 15 Rivington St, 212-228-5211

Eleven Rivington Gallery (G)  - 11 Rivington St, 212-982-1930

Gallery Nine5  (N)  - 24 Spring St, 212-965-9995

Hendershot Gallery (E)  - 195 Chrystie St, 212-239-1210

Jen Bekman Gallery (M) - 6 Spring St, 212-219-0166

Lehman Maupin Gallery (D)  - 201 Chrystie St, 212-255-2923

The New Museum (C)  - 235 Bowery, 212-219-1222

NP Contemporary Art Center (Q)  - 131 Chrystie St, 212-226-4552

Salon 94 (H) - 1 Freeman Alley, 10002, 212-529-7400Salon 94 (B) -  243 Bowery, 646-672-9212

Sperone Westwater Gallery (A)  - 257 Bowery, 212-999-7337

Sue Scott Gallery (J)  -  1 Rivington St, 212-358-8767
NOTE: Second floor.

Thierry Goldberg Gallery (I) - 5 Rivington, 212-967-2260

White Box (P)  - 329 Broome St, 212-714-2347


Bridge (J)  - 98 Orchard St, 212-674-6320

Invisible-Exports (A) - 14A Orchard St, 212-226-5447

Krause Gallery (L) - 149 Orchard St, 212-777-7799

Lesley Heller Workspace (I) - 54 Orchard St, 212-410-6120

Lisa Cooley Gallery (E) - 34 Orchard St, 212-680-0564

Miguel Abreu Gallery (F) - 36 Orchard St, 212-995-1774

Nicelle Beauchene Gallery (B) - 21 Orchard St, 212-375-8043

On Stellar Rays (K) - 133 Orchard St, 212-598-3012

Rachel Uffner Gallery (G) - 47 Orchard St, 212-274-0064

Rooster Gallery (M) - 190 Orchard St, 212-230-1370

Scaramouche (H) - 52 Orchard St, 212-228-2229

Stephan Stoyanov Gallery (C) - 29 Orchard St, 212-343-4240
NOTE: Formerly Luxe Gallery.

Untitled (D) - 30 Orchard St, 212-608-6002


DACIA Gallery (B) - 53 Stanton St, 917-727-9383

Feature Inc (E) - 131 Allen St, 212-675-7722

Frosch & Portmann Gallery (B) - 53 Stanton St, 646-266-5994

Fusion Gallery (C) - 57 Stanton St, 212-995-5290

Horton Gallery (A)  - 237 Eldridge St, 212-243-2663

James Fuentes Gallery (F) - 55 Delancey St, 212-577-1201

Laurel Gitlen Gallery (J) - 261 Broome St, 212-274-0761
NOTE: Formerly Small A Projects.

LMAK Projects (G) - 139 Eldridge St, 212-255-9707

Simon Preston Gallery (I) - 301 Broome St, 212-431-1105

Tallybeck Contemporary (D) - 42 Rivington St,  212-677-5160

Woodward Gallery (H) - 133 Eldridge St, 212-966-3411


Allegra LaViola Gallery (M) - 179 E Broadway, 917-741-8949

Blackston Gallery (I) - 29 Ludlow St, 212-695-8201

Bureau (L) - 127 Henry St,
NOTE: Formerly Dispatch.

Collette Blanchard Gallery (B) - 26 Clinton St, 917-639-2912

Cuchifritos Gallery (F) - 128 Essex St, 212-420-9202
NOTE: The gallery is in the Essex Market.

Dexter Sinister (H) - 38 Ludlow St, 917-741-8949
NOTE: They are in the basement. Only open Saturdays from 12 - 6 pm. They're a very hip book publishers.

Forever and Today, Inc. (J) - 141 Division St
NOTE: They are not always open, but they do excellent shows when they are.

Gallery 128 (E) - 128 Rivington St, 212-674-0244

Gallery SATORI  (C) - 164 Stanton St, 646-896-1075

Ludlow 38 (H)  - 38 Ludlow St,  212-228-6848NOTE: They are the contemporary art satellite for the Goethe-Institut New York.

New York Studio Gallery (D) - 154 Stanton St, 212-627-3276

Number 35 Gallery (G) - 39 Essex St,  212-388-9311

Participant Inc. (A) - 253 E Houston St, 212-254-4334

Ramiken Crucible (N) - 221 E Broadway
NOTE: Open by appointment only.

Reena Spaulings Gallery (K) - Rutgers St, 212-477-5006
NOTE: They are below E. Broadway, second floor - look for the red awning.

Sloan Fine Art (E) - 128 Rivington St, 212-477-1140


Charles Kessler said...

I accidentally deleted the comments for this posts. This is a recovered reproduction:

Thanks. This is almost as good as the AIA gallery edition. Probably better as this only cost the price of monthly bandwidth. ;-)
By Jeffrey Collins: Painter on LOWER EAST SIDE GALLERY GUIDE UPDATE on 11/14/10

Charles Kessler said...

I accidentally deleted the comments for this posts. This is a recovered reproduction:

Thanks. There used to be an excellent free map published by Feature Inc. Gallery, but it hasn't been around for a while. Maybe this will fill the gap.
By Charles Kessler on LOWER EAST SIDE GALLERY GUIDE UPDATE on 11/14/10

Charles Kessler said...

I accidentally deleted the comments for this posts. This is a recovered reproduction:

This will come in handy! I'll save it on my phone for future reference. I see app possibilities here .

Charles Kessler said...

I accidentally deleted the comments for this posts. This is a recovered reproduction:

There is an app (of course!) -- ArtNear. It locates where you are and displays art venues nearby. Unfortunately, it's not very complete, although somewhat better for New York than for the rest of the world. But it's free, or $1.99 for the "Pro" version that allows you to bookmark venues. It also doesn't suggest an efficient route to take like this guide does.
By Left Bank Art Blog on LOWER EAST SIDE GALLERY GUIDE UPDATE on 11/15/10